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Project Description

A course project I recently wrote for the evaluation of stereo vision algorithms. I implemented the basic algorithms like NCC and SAD. Other better algorithms like SGBM, GC are using OpenCV functions.

The program is written in, using MFC to build the interface, picture control to show the OpenCV results. To compile the program, you need to configure OpenCV to Visual Studio correctly. I'm using OpenCV 2.1 here, if you use other versions, just change the version of corresponding cv210.lib,cxcore210.lib,highgui210.lib files in additional dependencies.


Qiaosong Wang

Department of Computer and Information Sciences

University of Delaware

Program interface


Tsukuba Anaglyph NCC(WINDOW:11 DSR:20) SAD(WINDOW:11 DSR:10)
SSD(WINDOW:20 DSR:20) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM GC
Apple Anaglyph NCC(WINDOW:20 DSR:10) SAD (WINDOW:6 DSR:11)
SSD (WINDOW:15 DSR:12) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM GC
Corn Anaglyph NCC(WINDOW:11 DSR:20) SAD(WINDOW:5 DSR:50)
SSD(WINDOW:30 DSR:60) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM GC
Dolls Anaglyph (On 1390*1100) NCC(WINDOW:9 DSR:20) SAD (WINDOW:9 DSR:20)
SSD(WINDOW:15 DSR:20) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM(On 1390*1100) GC( On 320*240)
Aloe Anaglyph (On 1390*1100) NCC(WINDOW:9 DSR:11) SAD (WINDOW:9 DSR:11)
SSD(WINDOW:15 DSR:20) BM( SADWindowSize=15) SGBM GC

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